Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and why?

Information from your Internet Browser

Browser information is collected automatically (through Google Analytics) from all users that visit Diogo Makes.

This information includes:

  • Your browser’s language and IP address - allows us to know where our visitors are located so we can create content that better suits their needs
  • Name of the pages you visit - let’s us know witch pages are more relevant to our users
  • Your device’s screen resolution and operating system - so we can improve the design and usability of the website
  • Date and time of the visit - used to better understand when to post new content
  • Session duration - we use this metric to measure bounce rate (also used to improve the usability and relevancy of the page in question)

This information is collected anonymously and it allows us to better understand user needs and improve the website’s usability and accessibility to serve you better.

Personal Information

When you sign up to receive any material/info via email or contact us using a form, you’ll be asked to provide your email and first name.

This information is needed in order for us to know where to send the requested material/info and to whom.

We make sure to only collect needed data and you may request removal of such data any time (this process may take up to 48 hours to complete) by contacting or using the contact form provided in the About Page.

Most forms on Diogo Makes are provided by ConvertKit and your data will be stored within their servers.

Upon signing in to a ConvertKit managed form, you may provide extra data such as your interests.

This additional data is collected to allow us to better understand user preferences so that we only send relevant information in our email communications.

Other information is collected upon submitting a form. This includes the page where the form was submitted - also used to filter our communications with our users and avoid sending irrelevant information or resources.

Cookies Information

Some of the third party services that Diogo Makes uses make use of cookies, a small text file that gets saved on your computer that allows us to track information about you, such as: witch pages you’ve visited, if you are a returning visitor, and the links you click.

This information is used to better understand our visitors, make certain pages load faster, and to measure the reach of our marketing campaigns.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy upon changes in the way internal and third party services associated with Diogo Makes work.

Every time a relevant change is made (does not include rephrasing of this document) all visitors who have provided personal data (such as email address and name) will be notified via email of such changes.

After such changes, if you continue to visit Diogo Makes and use our services we will assume that you’ve accepted the updated Privacy Policy.