Lisbon Maker Faire 2019

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Stage

I had the opportunity to attend Lisbon Maker Faire 2019, a two-day event (October 11 and 12), where I met some awesome makers and learned a bit more about the maker culture and movement.

Big thanks to Dotesfera for sponsoring my stand.

For this event, I brought two pieces: my geodesic dome installation, and my portable maker space (still in the MVP phase).

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Stand

Let me introduce you now to some of the makers and stands that were present in the event.


Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 CENFIM

CENFIM is a professional school where you can learn to work with metal.

They also have short duration courses that teach you specific skills such as welding. Perfect for makers looking to unlock new powers or improve their skills.


ZAUM Studios

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 ZAUM Studios

At first look, their stand doesn’t stand too much, but you’ll be surprised by what Pedro and Nicole brought to this event.

They have an Augmented Reality App that gives life to your drawings.

Pedro showed me a demo where you color a drawing of the solar system and it then comes to life in 3D in his App.

They are just getting started, but looking forward to bring AR technology to education combining physical making (drawing) with digital making (app creation).


UBO Rover

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 UBO Rover

UBO is a small robot created by Evangelos Agas with the goal of helping in STEM education.

At the moment, Evangelos and his colleague are trying to find partnerships with schools interested in implementing STEM into their curriculum, and of course using the UBO Rover to teach the kids.


3D Ways

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 3D Ways

3D Ways is a 3D printing business directed towards industrial printing.

Tiago was kind enough to show me their stand where they certainly had interesting pieces such as an Einstein bust at 1:1 scale.


Évora Machines

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Évora Machines

Even though Gladson used to manage a FabLab in Brazil, this was his first Maker Faire.

Gladson and his wife Angela came to the event to promote their educational project of bringing 3D printing to the classroom with affordable 3D printing machines.

Big thanks to them for giving me a ride back home after each day of the faire!

Prisma Oficina

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Prisma Oficina

You never know what you are going to find in a Maker Faire.

João is actually from my birth town, so we connected immediately.

He and his girlfriend produce handcrafted toys for children.

I was surprised by both the quality and originality of the pieces. Not to mention the quantity!

At the moment, João is creating the toys as a hobby, but he’s open to commercializing them.



Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 3Cuts

Carla, Joana, and Márcia are Visual Arts students at IPL (where the event took place).

They united forces to create this beautiful academic project that consists of creating wood furniture for children.

I was very touched by the project because on the current days I see more and more children leaving their toys and imagination behind and replacing them by mobile phones and tablets that take away the joy of creating with the hands and developing the creativity and hand ability.

Hopefully, the parents too get nostalgic and give their children back the good old toy chest and a small bench to invent toys, draw, and develop their full creative potential.


RepRap Portugal

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 RepRap

I was really glad RepRap was in this event!

Let me explain.

Many of the things I’ve been learning about 3D printing come from talking to the experts at these events and, in this case, it was RepRap that came to the rescue in providing me with 3D printing spray for bed adhesion and a flexible bed for my printer.

So if you need parts or accessories for your 3D printer they probably have what you’re looking for!


Electronic Blind Cane

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Blind Cane

Laianne invented this awesome and much-needed cane that aids the blind in the arduous task of navigating through a noisy and crowded world.

She demoed the project to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of it.

The way it works is you hold the cane by the top handle and place your fingers on specific spots with little vibration motors.

While you are walking, the motors vibrate differently to indicate the proximity of right, front, and left obstacles, giving you a better sense of the space around you.

I want to salute Laianne for her dedication to making the world a more accessible place for all.

Facebook Page (FabLab Bragança)

Faz com as tuas mãos

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Faz Com As Tuas Mãos

Mariana brought her project Do It With Your Hands to the faire, and I must say, it was one of my favorite stands.

Mariana not only had some very nice hand made furniture on display, she was also showing how to do it.

In this digital age, people are loosing the, once common, ability to handcraft and building.

Showing people that you don’t need fancy machines and tools to build your projects is a must if we wish to expand the maker movement to a global and accessible one.


FabLab Aldeias de Xisto

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 FabLab Aldeias de Xisto

Rural areas can also have their maker spaces and FabLabs, and this is an example of that.

Headquartered in a startup facility, the FabLab Aldeias de Xisto serves the community by organizing workshops, providing access to industrial machinery, and helping makers build their projects.


Escola Profissional Gustave Eiffel

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Escola Profissional Gustave Eiffel

Vanessa (PR), Carlos (Teacher), and some students came to the faire to promote their vocational school.

In their stand, you could find some student projects, including a flying airplane, and my favorite part, a mini soldering workshop where Carlos was teaching passer-by visitors how to solder.

I really enjoyed their dedication to showing that a field such as electronics engineering can be fun and easy to learn by resorting to games and interactive showcases.


Hacky Racers

Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Hacky Racers

I think the name alone describes this project well.

Hacky Racers will get everyone exercising with their pedal-controlled racing toy cars.

In conversation with the team behind the project, they explained to me how there are a few different skills involved in controlling the cars.

The more you pedal, the faster the cars will go, but BE CAREFUL because you’ll crash if you go too fast!

The team wants to bring this project to schools to teach the teens how to build and program the racing track, and teach the physics and tech behind it.



Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Hortomation

Gustavo’s project Hortomation comes as a solution to a problem that he faced and decided to convert into a marketable product.

Talking with Gustavo, he told me that he loves aromatic plants, but when he was out traveling he was unable to take care of his plants and they would die.

He then created an automatic irrigation system that is smart enough not only to water the plants but also to ratiocinate the supply when away for long periods.


Lisbon Maker Faire 2019 Pakciência

When I approached the Pakciência stand, I was gifted with a nice mini class on building electronic circuits.

I really enjoyed talking to the couple behind this project witch does these amazing science demos and workshops with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Their stand featured many science experiments and interactive pieces.

My favorite goes to the circuit building blocks because of its practicality and easiness of use in a classroom.


In Conclusion


These were a busy two days and a lot of makers and stands to visit. So much so that I was unable to talk to them all.

I hope by reading this article you feel inspired to go visit a Maker Faire near you and talk to the makers to learn about them and their projects.

I am looking forward to seeing you in one of these events and get to know your story and projects as well.

Until then… Get Making!!!!

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